About Me    

Hi I'm Gigi, and I own and operate GuidancebyGigi LLC DBA the 12th House Herald

I am a jack of all trades you might say. My many interests, to my dismay, are difficult to encapsulate in any one way. I am a creative writer, Content Creator,    Perhaps of most interest to you reading, is that I actively pursue and maintain an intimate relationship with what one might call my spirit guides through the Tarot . Like the dial tone on a radio, the cards help me tune into the frequencies of the unseen Spirits, energies, and premonitions that have been a part of my 12th House Stellium life

since the Pre-School Days.

 However, The unseen realm beyond the veil we all question at some time in our lives can

be accessed by everyone

in different ways in different levels. It is one of my core beliefs that God is a collective

consciousness that every human has a birthright to if they choose to interact.

One way we can achieve this is with the tarot's ability to invoke subconscious levels of

our reality to give us clarity in times of chaos. I have quietly spent most of my life

tuning into the messages, dreams, feelings, and visions of the universe.

When I consult with the tarot,

 and begin to speak, it's as if spirit takes over and delivers the

messages through me like an orator for those outside what our

human mind can normally perceive. Thus, the name 12th House Herald.

However, due to a fear of rejection and inability to develop my skills

I shelved my clairvoyant abilities for many years. I spent several years in healthcare

working first as a nurses aide, and eventually into Registered Nursing.

Where I focused my training in Geriatrics and Hospice. The beast of Capitalism

in Healthcare broke my spirit and forced me out in 2020.

Abruptly leaving my career, I turned into to ask myself what I could

truly offer this world if there were no limits? There was only one answer.

The Cards called me back.

 I started my business under a former name in August 2020, and as of

October 2021 have rebranded as the 12th House Herald,

And now here you are! If you are ready to speak to the universe to get clarity through the study of the  universal archetypes of our lives the tarot provides than I can't wait to work with you!

With Love, Gigi

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So What do I Offer?


Reading Consultations 


I am an intuitive who uses tarot and oracle cards. Like the dial tone on a radio, the cards help me tune into the frequencies of the unseen. My answers come in the form of 

  • Clairsentience

  • Clairaudiance

  • Clairvoyance

For me, honesty is the best policy. Though I will deliver the message in a respectful and hopeful manner, I am always direct and honest. I will not sugar coat! 


The best way to experience a reading from Gigi is 15 minutes before your reading Take a deep breath, clear your mind, grab paper and pen, then be open to hearing the messages I relay as you ask for guidance.

Questions and apprehension are normal, but please remain respectful when you are having a reading. I am happy to elaborate or explain on my answers ( within reason) so just ask! Please click Book a Tarot Consulation or Life Coaching Consultation for current options.

I'm not here to tell you your fortune.  

With that being said, I do not for ethical and legal reasons offer any services such as potions, spells, promises of fortune, legal advice, medical advice, consult to persons under age 18, counsel on "Twin Flame" rhetoric, consult or advise excessively on other parties. If you feel you are unable to emotionally handle information in a consultation that may not be what you are hoping to hear, please refrain from consultation until you feel mentally prepared for this possible scenario. 

 I'm here to guide you to the answers your intuition is whispering and spark the fire you need to light your path to self development. These answers will help bring clarity to your present and arm you with the understanding and reassurance for manifesting the tomorrow you envision today with your own intuition!

Life Coaching

I Also offer free 30 minute consultations to plan a personalized 30 day Life coaching Plan with you! I use the many years of experience educating, comforting, and communicating with others in the nursing field and my spiritual development to offer coahing! This can be for achieving a personal goal, breaking a habit, offering a different perspective on a life issue. This service can also be booked for those who wish to have a mentor to develop their intuition or reading the tarot!

*Not to be substituted for medical care as stated in the disclaimer

Please read this link to disclaimer before booking a service. By booking any service you are agreeing to the Terms and Disclaimer


I offer a blog that covers a wide range of topics with a holistic mindset. I enjoy writing and video creation about philosophy, tarot, running and starting my business, spirituality, and really anything my heart desires. The content is educational or reflective in tone, please feel free to stop by and learn something new that could change your life, see if you resonate with my energy for a consultation, (or entertain you for a bit at the very worst)

Video Content

I write, record, and edit videos and audio podcast style content to Youtube that I use to unleash my inner philoshopher. Stop by sometime to hear the 12th house herald in action speaking on different topics such as spirituality, perception, mysticism, and much more. I also use this platform to occasioanlly provide free content for those who cannot afford to book a privte consultation at the moment! If you'd like to collaborate feel free to reach out via my e-mail at 12thhouseheralrd@gmail.com


As of August 2021, I am ordained through the Universal Life Church and am able to officiate nen-denominational weddings. If you are interested in booking someone who is non-traditional but able to provide a spiritual and intimate ceremony please feel free to contact me @ 12thhouseherald@gmail.com.

Coming Soon..

  • Classes

  • Purchasable Audio Content

  • More..

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